One Tree

Post by on 15 May 2016


This project depicts two parallel processes that are connected with destruction and decay, and, at the same time, lead to new creations. The photographs that document the natural processes occurring in the forest, the domain that remains beyond human interference, have been set together with the intentional processing of wood by designers. In both cases, this transformation has its specific complexity and worth.

Curator: Jarosław Hulbój, Partner of the project: Tatra National Park
Artists: Wzorowo, Przemyslaw Wanczyk, Beton / Marta Rowińska, Lech Rowiński, Maciej Gąsienica-Giewont, Kompott / Maja Ganszyniec, Krystian Kowalski, Jarosław Hulbój, Jadwiga Majerczak-Żmidzińska, Gabriela Kowalska, Jerzy Sarkowicz, Tomasz Opania, Piotr Stolarski, Paweł Jasiewicz, Marek Majerczak

The exhibition was shown in City Art Gallery in Zakopane; Lodz Design Week, Poland in Budapest Design Week, Hungary  in 2012 and 2013.

Zakopane Shambles | Let’s go Tamok

Post by on 15 May 2016

Zakopane Shambles | Lets’g Go Tamok. An exhibition shown in 2012 in Tamok Gallery, Zakopane, Poland.

Artists: Zuzanna Dembiec, Magda Krzeptowaska, Marcin Rząsa, Lidia Rosińska, Jarek Hulbój, Przemyslaw Wanczyk, Jan Wierzejski, Anna Schumacher, Magda Ciszewska-Rząsa, Czesław Podleśny, Lech Nagrabedzki.

WW Gallery Opening

Post by on 14 May 2016

Opening of WW Gallery in Krupówki St. Zakopane in 2013.

Przemyslaw Wanczyk created WW Gallery for sharing his passion and his approach to art, space and beauty. The place was meant to be a pause from the tedious mass production, aimed to make people stop and think about  the approach to shopping. Apart from unique jewellery, the Gallery offered one-of-a-kind objects created by talented artists, craftsmen and designers who are characterised by their love of beauty, their artistic honesty, their attention to detail and their use of high quality materials and aesthetics. The Gallery was showing from 2012 to 2015.

The Host | Hasior Reincarnation

Post by on 13 May 2016

Hasior Reincarnations – an exhibition shown in Zakopane in 2012.

The exhibition was inspired by the life and work of Władysław Hasior, a legendary Polish artist, strongly related to the Podhale region. His works, although not much understood, beacme cult pieces in the sixties and seventies. Today is clear that his original, outstanding attitude and art philosophy were outrunning its times and anticipating new trends.
Does performace need craftsmanship? Can video instalation relate to folk motives? Do surrealism and everyday objects blend together?

Przemyslaw Wanczyk showed THe HOST. The work consisted of 5 pieces of silver sterling host, each of them pointing to one of the modern “religions”. This work relates to one of the most important themes of Hasior works – Religion, belief, prayer, freedom, guilt and pain. What is the role of religion today? What are the new religions of the modern world?

The poster of the exhibition was designed by Przemyslaw Wanczyk.

100% Popatrz | 100% Peak-a-boo

Post by on 12 May 2016

100% popatrz | 100% peak a boo. Exhibition shown in 2012 in Leszczyny, Poland.

The event was an extraordinary and unique happening in which various forms of artistic creativity merged into a whole: landscape, architecture, applied arts, sculpture, painting, photography, music, performance and film. Furthermore, during the opening other forms of ephemeral proceedings were occured.

Artists: Aleksandra Baczyńska, Zuzanna Dembiec, Delikatesy Filmowe, Izabela Chamczyk,Magda Ciszewska – Rząsa, Szymon Hornowski, Jarosław Hulbój, Sławomir Kardaś, Marcin Kin, Elżbieta Krzemińska – Owczarz, Marcin Rząsa, Jerzy Sarkowicz, Anna Schumacher, Sandro Truchan, Przemyslaw Wanczyk, Jan Wierzejski, Leszek Nagrabecki, Beata Marchlik Hulbój, Ireneusz Bęc, Jarosław Możdżyński, Czesław Podleśny, Lidia Rosińska.