Zakopane Wild Art Project

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Zakopane Wild Art is an independent project of young artists, who want to create, promote, share and develop contemporary art in many interdsciplinary forms. The main project partner is Insblaue, a group of international young artists creating ephemerical and multimedial installations. Zakopane Wild Art consist of a continous series of pop-up exhibitions, meetings and actions in different galleries and other less obvious locations, happening in Zakopane, Kraków, Remscheid (Germany) and elsewhere.

Przemyslaw Wanczyk is one of the co-funders of the project, one of the co-organizers of the exhibitions and participant of the actions. During the first edition of the project (April 2016, Zakopane), Przemyslaw presented “Subtlety”, 14 kt golden finger-cuffs, featured on realistic concrete hands. The finger-cuffs are a completely working object and come in a set with a golden key. They are adjustable and can be worn in many different ways, as an elegant wearable jewellery set of rings and/or as a statement piece. The work is a comment on the current situation of democracy, human rights and personal freedom.

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[De]Coding Exhibition

The exhibition concetrated on the relations between folk, traditional culture and the works of contemporary architects, jewelleres, designers and sculpturers. The aim of the exhibition was to inspire a serach of traditional motives in the objects that currently surround us. Looking for elements of folk culture which define our identity, which are a connection to lost relationships and history.

Shown in Muzeum Nadwiślańskie, Kazimierz Dolny, Poland in 2016.

More pictures at Muzeum Nadwiślańskie in Kazimierz Dolny

Holy Mountain | Statuette

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Holy Mountain / Award Statue
Holy Mountain / Award Statue

Holy Mountain | Maciej Berbeka Award Statue
Maciej Berka’s Prize awarded to the best furniture diploma accomplished by the graduates of Kenar Art School in Zakopane. The prize was awarded during the Festival “Inspired by the Mountains”.
The shape of the statuette was inspired by the summit of Machapuchare, a majestic sacred peak in the Himalayas. A legendary peak, one of the very few places left on our planet where no human has ever set foot. The only pristine mountain left in the Himalayas, a place meant only for the presence of God. A metaphor of human life, reminding all of us that the way to the purpose is far more important that the target. On the top of the peak stands a chair, a symbol of absence and irreversible loss as well as hopes of expected come-backs.
The chair, seemingly being out of place, becomes a reminder of all people, who lived, visited or remained for ever in the mountains.

Maciej Berbeka (1954, Zakopane, Poland – 2013, Broad Peak, Baltistan) was a Polish mountaineer, mountain guide and member of TOPR. He and his teammate Tomasz Kowalski went missing on 6 March 2013 as they were descending from Broad Peak. They were declared dead two days later. Berbeka’s accomplishments include making the first winter ascent of the eight-thousanders Manaslu (1984); of Cho Oyu (1985 – the only winter ascent on eight-thousander made along a new route) and of Broad Peak (2013). He also climbed and summited Annapurna and Mount Everest. He was also the first person in the world to have reached 8000 m winter in Karakoram – Rocky Summit (1988).This occurred exactly 25 years to the day before he was reported missing on Broad Peak.

Project and execution by Przemyslaw Wanczyk.
Concrete, silver.


Holy Mountain / Award Statue
Holy Mountain / Award Statue

Found Objects | Future Folk

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Found Objects (Root Bracelet) from the private collection of Stanislaw Karpiel-Bułecka, the leader of Future Folk.

Featured in Glamour Magazine, September 2015.