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Heart to the Sport

Post by on 17 May 2016

Heart to the Sport Exhibition in 2014 in Zakopane, Poland.

The exhibition took place in WW Gallery and was organized and curated by Przemyslaw Wanczyk. The exhibition focused on how the Heart Motive – a crucial symbol to the highlander tradition – was featured on sport awards. The exhibition featured original historical awards, medals, pins, satutettes awarded in sport activities, from the Winter Olympiads to local races in the Podhale region ranging from the mid-war period till present.

The poster of the exehibition was designed by Przemyslaw Wanczyk.

Highlander Clasp Exhibition

Post by on 16 May 2016

Higlander Clasp Exhibition in WW Gallery (2013), curated by Przemyslaw Wanczyk. The exhibition was included in The International Festival of Mountain Folklore in Zakopane.

The clasp is one of the most important symbols of the highlander tradition. A strongly personal item, embelleshed with age-old intricate symbols, an adornment with ability to empower and safeguard wearers, is treated as a talisman, almost a magic object. Even nowadays the highlander clasp worn at the center of the chest transmits to the owner the force of the symbols and the power of precious metals. This ancient and universal dimension of jewellery addresses our essential vulnerability and attempts to overcome fear and uncertainty through wearable ornament. Jewellery in this context becomes a necessity, not an accessory.

Artists: Mieczysław Buńda, Bartłomiej Kolbusz, Janusz Konieczny, Marian Kuchta, Bogdan Stachoń, Adam Wojtanek, Paweł Gracjasz, Michał Gąsienica – Szostak, Bartosz Klamerus, Mieczysław Król – Łęgowski, Maciek Krupa, Maciek Gąsienica – Makowski, Władysław Gąsienica – Makowski, Katarzyna Sławińska – Marduła, Przemyslaw Wanczyk, Józef Marduła Ś.p, Jan Przeklasa, Władysław Skubisz, Andrzej Bukowski, Stanisław Skubisz

The Host | Hasior Reincarnation

Post by on 13 May 2016

Hasior Reincarnations – an exhibition shown in Zakopane in 2012.

The exhibition was inspired by the life and work of Władysław Hasior, a legendary Polish artist, strongly related to the Podhale region. His works, although not much understood, beacme cult pieces in the sixties and seventies. Today is clear that his original, outstanding attitude and art philosophy were outrunning its times and anticipating new trends.
Does performace need craftsmanship? Can video instalation relate to folk motives? Do surrealism and everyday objects blend together?

Przemyslaw Wanczyk showed THe HOST. The work consisted of 5 pieces of silver sterling host, each of them pointing to one of the modern “religions”. This work relates to one of the most important themes of Hasior works – Religion, belief, prayer, freedom, guilt and pain. What is the role of religion today? What are the new religions of the modern world?

The poster of the exhibition was designed by Przemyslaw Wanczyk.