Found Objects | Inspiration

The Found Objects Collection is inspired by the Tatra Mountains. Each piece is unique, each is made from organic forms casted from the forest near the designer workshop. The collection emerges from a process which blends the conceptuality of a designer, the craftsmanship of an artisan and the manifesto of an artist. Organic elements have their own visual and symbolic strength. With precision and sensitivity they are put into new contexts by the use of traditional techniques and design attitude. As jewellery forms Found Objects address our essential vulnerability, empower the wearer and rejoice the uniqueness of features. The collection celebrates Found Objects into wearable pieces of art and gives them a new life. It highlights uniqueness and beauty changed by growth and time.

Thoughtfully and carefully made in silver or gold, these pieces stand for the new luxury, which is that of the one-of-a-kind, the exceptional handmade quality and passion. All pieces are handcrafted in our workshop.