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Zakopane Wild Art Project

Post by on 26 May 2016

Zakopane Wild Art is an independent project of young artists, who want to create, promote, share and develop contemporary art in many interdsciplinary forms. The main project partner is Insblaue, a group of international young artists creating ephemerical and multimedial installations. Zakopane Wild Art consist of a continous series of pop-up exhibitions, meetings and actions in different galleries and other less obvious locations, happening in Zakopane, Kraków, Remscheid (Germany) and elsewhere.

Przemyslaw Wanczyk is one of the co-funders of the project, one of the co-organizers of the exhibitions and participant of the actions. During the first edition of the project (April 2016, Zakopane), Przemyslaw presented “Subtlety”, 14 kt golden finger-cuffs, featured on realistic concrete hands. The finger-cuffs are a completely working object and come in a set with a golden key. They are adjustable and can be worn in many different ways, as an elegant wearable jewellery set of rings and/or as a statement piece. The work is a comment on the current situation of democracy, human rights and personal freedom.

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Found Objects | The Process

Post by on 19 May 2016

Found Objects Collection. A film by Jan Wierzejski.
Jewellery: Przemysław Wańczyk
Director / scenario: Jan Wierzejski
Pictures: Jan Wierzejski
Music: Tomasz Gumiela
Music realization: Kamil Kęska
Sound: Jan Wierzejski
Timelaps: Józek Krzeptowski
Featuring: Przemyslaw Wanczyk, Sylwia Nożyńska

100% Popatrz | 100% Peak-a-boo

Post by on 12 May 2016

100% popatrz | 100% peak a boo. Exhibition shown in 2012 in Leszczyny, Poland.

The event was an extraordinary and unique happening in which various forms of artistic creativity merged into a whole: landscape, architecture, applied arts, sculpture, painting, photography, music, performance and film. Furthermore, during the opening other forms of ephemeral proceedings were occured.

Artists: Aleksandra Baczyńska, Zuzanna Dembiec, Delikatesy Filmowe, Izabela Chamczyk,Magda Ciszewska – Rząsa, Szymon Hornowski, Jarosław Hulbój, Sławomir Kardaś, Marcin Kin, Elżbieta Krzemińska – Owczarz, Marcin Rząsa, Jerzy Sarkowicz, Anna Schumacher, Sandro Truchan, Przemyslaw Wanczyk, Jan Wierzejski, Leszek Nagrabecki, Beata Marchlik Hulbój, Ireneusz Bęc, Jarosław Możdżyński, Czesław Podleśny, Lidia Rosińska.